E-mail from the band "Elm Treason". Song - "Eye to Eye"

Hi Dave,

"I finally played your mix of "EYE TO EYE." In fact, I played it no less than nine times before writing this email. 

I played it on my studio monitors twice... my cell phone twice...I burned a CD and played it on my car....I played that CD on an old-fashioned boom box... I then played it back twice through my TV... There was another playback, but I'll be damned if I can remember at this moment. (My brain and I are regularly at odds). 

It translated wonderfully on all platforms. Marvelous. 

The crispness of the opening piano is stunningly delicious. The bass is tight. That snare is orgasmic... and yet it sounds like Elm Treason. It sounds like the unique band we try to maintain - that rockin' acoustic thing that we don't hear too many people doing. And you gave Bobby's solo just a little extra something.  

And the vocals. 


What I love overall is that you basically kept my vision for the song's sound and vibe giving it that ANALOG love, a nice open sound that breathes. You didn't compromise what we do. 

Bravo! Just freaking bravo!"

Andy - From Elm Treason

March 2023