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The Center Piece - SSL Origin Console

My entire studio is based around the Solid State Logic Origin console. Over 95% of your favorite music from the 1970s thru today has been mixed on an SSL console. It has that "familiar" sound that just can't be achieved working completely in the digital domain with plugins. If you want a finished and professional-sounding record, then mixing on an analog console can't be beaten.

Analog Equipment = Analog Sound

I have a growing number of amazing-sounding analog equipment to make your music sound its best. I am always on the lookout for new additions to add to the studio. Each piece has its own special character that will give your music a rich, warm, punchy, and unique sound. I think of analog equipment as "spices" that you add to a delicious soup!

Combining Analog & Digital

Today, almost all music is recorded in the digital domain using a digital audio workstation (DAW). My studio is completely integrated with every major digital audio workstation on the market. The speed and efficiency of combining digital with analog means that I can keep the cost to mix your project lower without sacrificing quality. 

I work with all DAW's including Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, Luna, Cubase etc. I also have all the top-notch industry-standard plugins available. No matter what your project needs, I have it!

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