There is a warmth, depth, punch & clarity added to your mix in a way that can't be duplicated using only plugins


Because my set-up is so well integrated with the DAW (digital audio work-station), the workflow is more efficient. This means that you can add the sound of a real analog console to your music at an affordable price.


Almost all music you hear today is mixed completely "in the box" which is great but most of those mixes sound the same and lack "personality". Give your mix a unique sound that will stand out above the rest. 


Log onto a special web server from anywhere in the world and listen to your mix in real-time & in high resolution LIVE, straight from my studio to yours. We can also listen together via SKYPE and you can provide feedback and we can make the final tweaks together. No more sending e-mails back & fourth. 


I pride myself on providing 5-star customer service and delivering your project to you on-time, EVERY time. No chasing down the engineer wondering why they are late.  


I have built a stellar reputation since the inception of my audio training website Home Recording Made Easy.com & Mixing Made Easy.net. I have received literally hundreds of 5-star reviews and I am a trusted source in the online music industry community. 

Who is David Vignola ?

I have been mixing and producing music for both independent artist as well as TV & film for nearly 13 years. In that time I have mixed everything from "singles" to full length CD projects for artists all over the world. I have also had my productions included in many popular TV  shows on the History Channel, Discovery, Fox Sports and more. 

I am also the founder / owner of the websites Home Recording Made Easy.com & Mixing Made Easy.net. These are online education sites for home recording musicians and aspiring audio engineers. To visit these sites, click the buttons below. 

Visit Home Recording Made Easy.com Visit Mixing Made Easy.net


Contact Via E-mail

Send to [email protected] with the details about your project. Please provide me as much detail as possible. i.e. song genre, track count and any other details you would like to share. Let's connect!

Send Your Session / Audio Files

After our initial e-mail communication, I will provide instruction on how to send me your project. This can be either your DAW session or .wav stem files. We will work that out :)

Pre-Mix Face to Face

Once I have listened to your files/session, we meet up for a 30 min face to face via Zoom/Skype. This allows me to be clear on what you are looking for and makes sure I understand all that is important to you about your music. 

Receive Your Mix in 72 Hrs

Most projects I can deliver within a couple of days. This completely depends on the size of your project which we will discuss before hand. You get up to 3 revisions with each mix to ensure you are 100% satisfied.  

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, I will ask you for only the audio files in .wav format. This way the DAW that you recorded in doesn't matter and it makes things a whole lot easier. 

You need to convert your MIDI tracks to audio prior to sending. This way, the "sounds" that you like are committed to the track. I don't have every MIDI instrument on the market so I may not have the exact sound you have in your production. Every DAW today has the ability to transform or convert a MIDI track to an audio track. 

No, .wav files are too large to send via e-mail. You can use either DropBox, Google Drive, or any other file-sharing service. Most have a free option to use. I personally use DropBox and it works really well. 

Yes to a small degree. If there is a note or two out of tune I'll fix that for sure. Vocal performances that are way out of tune mean it's not ready for mixing. Re-recording / heavy tuning is done at the production level. 

No, I don't perform on artist recordings. I am not a producer. I am here to mix what you give me not add parts. 

I do this because I want us to speak face to face to make sure that I fully understand what you are looking for and that we are on the same page. Working solely via e-mail does not work well and a lot gets lost in communication. I want both of us to feel comfortable and ensure that I am the right person for your project. 

I take my client's projects seriously and I want to get to know you and know what is important to you as an artist. Our call together does not cost you anything, even if you decide to not hire me after the initial call. So there is no risk to you. 

Once I provide you with a quote for the project and we agree to move forward, I send you an invoice via Paypal. All invoices must be paid in full prior to me starting your project unless we have made other arrangements during our 1 on 1 Zoom call together.

I will send you a high res MP3 and .WAV file. Other files are also available if you need them. We can discuss that during our 1 on 1 call.

No. Unless a special request is made and agreed to before the start of the project. There may be an additional cost as well for stem files. 

If you want me to just process your stems through my console and outboard gear, that can be done as a separate service. See the website for current pricing. 

Yes, that is part of the package I will send you. You will always receive a version with and without the lead vocals.

If you would like other "versions" for LIVE performance and such, I can do that at an additional charge. We can discuss during out 1 on 1 call.  

No, I don't do that, sorry. It would not do you any good anyway as I use mostly outboard equipment and my SSL console. That is where the sound of the mix really happens. The session is really useless to you.

Typically 2-3 days for you to get the mix from me. It depends on how many songs I am doing for you and the size of the sessions. We will discuss that during our 1 on 1 call. 

Once I send you the mix, you receive up to 3 revisions if needed. This is where you can provide me with any feedback/changes you would like to the mix. 

I ask that you get back to me within a day or two. Once your mix is up on my console, I leave it up until your project is completed. That means, I am waiting on you and can't start another project until yours is complete. 

All I ask is that we can work together to give you enough time to listen and "sit" with the mix before you ask for changes. However, I can't tie up my studio for weeks waiting for a response from you.

We can discuss this further in our 1 on 1 session together.

Once you sign off the final mix and I deliver those files to you, I start a new client project. I can "re-call" your session after the fact but it's an additional cost starting at $100 per hour. 

I provide you 3 revisions as part of the initial package so this situation does not need to come up. However, I realize that sometimes it's unavoidable and you need me to recall your session and make a change. I can do it but at an additional charge. 


I have produced and mixed songs for both artists & TV / Film


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