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Welcome To Mixing Music Analog

Why Should You Have David Mix Your Music With A Variety Of Analog Equipment?

I have produced and mixed songs for both artists & TV / Film


The "Sound" That Only Analog Equipment Can Deliver

There is a warmth, depth, punch & clarity added to your mix in a way that can't be duplicated using only plugins

Extremely Affordable

Because my set-up is so well integrated with the DAW (digital audio work-station), the workflow is more efficient. This means that you can add the sound of a real analog console to your music at an affordable price.

Have Your Music Stand Out From The Rest

Almost all music you hear today is mixed completely "in the box" which is great but most of those mixes sound the same and lack "personality". Give your mix a unique sound that will stand out above the rest.

Stream Your Mix From My Studio To Yours Live!

Log onto a special web server from anywhere in the world and listen to your mix in real-time & in high-resolution LIVE, straight from my studio to yours. We can listen together and you can provide feedback and I can make the final mix adjustments. No more sending e-mails back & forth.

Have Your Project Completed On-time! No Hassle Process!

I pride myself on providing 5-star customer service and delivering your project to you on-time, EVERY time. No chasing down the engineer wondering why they are late.

David Is A Trusted Source

I have built a stellar reputation since the inception of my audio training website Home Recording Made Easy.com & Mixing Made Easy.net. I have received literally hundreds of 5-star reviews and I am a trusted source in the online music industry community.

How To Have David Mix Your Music....

✉️ Contact Via E-mail

Send to [email protected] with the details about your project. Please provide me as much detail as possible. i.e. song genre, track count and any other details you would like to share. Let's connect!

🎛️ Send Your Session / Audio Files

After our initial e-mail communication, I will provide instruction on how to send me your project. This can be either your DAW session or .wav stem files. We will work that out :)

🎧 Pre-Mix Face to Face

Once I have listened to your files/session, we meet up for a 30 min face to face via Zoom/Skype. This allows me to be clear on what you are looking for and makes sure I understand all that is important to you about your music. 

⏱️ Receive Your Mix in 72 Hrs

Most projects I can deliver within a couple of days. This completely depends on the size of your project which we will discuss before hand. You get up to 3 revisions with each mix to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Affordable Pricing With The Highest Quality, Guaranteed!

Mixing Only: Per Song

Starting at $250 per song. Three mix revisions are included.

Mastering Only: Per Song

If you have a mix that you are already happy with and just want me to master your song, I can certainly help you with that.

Mixing / Master Package

Starting at $325. Three mix revisions are included.

Multiple Song Custom Package

If you are having 3 or more songs done at once, I can provide you with a discount on the mix for each song and master the project for free. Contact me to discuss the details of your project.

1 on 1 Consulting / Training

If you are looking for personal /customized training on mixing or your studio setup, I can help you. We can meet up on Skype/Zoom for a session together. These sessions are booked by the hour @ $97 per hr.

Stem Processing Package

If you want to mix your own music but would like to have your audio stems processed through my gear prior so you have a great foundation to start from.


Meet David

With over two decades of experience as a professional audio mixing engineer, I have had the privilege of shaping the sound of numerous artists globally, honing my skills in various analog and digital studios across the country.

Under the mentorship of renowned mixing engineer Michael White, known for his work with iconic artists like The Rolling Stones and Whitney Houston, I've gained invaluable insights.

In the past decade, my commitment to giving back led me to teaching the art of audio engineering. This passion culminated in the creation of Home Recording Made Easy.com and Mixing Made Easy.net, focusing on guiding beginner to intermediate recording musicians and aspiring audio engineers. Witnessing students enhance their skills brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

I look forward to working with all of you in the very near future here. Together we will bring your music productions to the next level!