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Van Allen Music Productions

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting new collaboration at Mixing Music Analog! We are proud to join forces with the exceptionally talented songwriter, producer, and educator, Brandon Van Allen. With a unique focus on artist development, Brandon possesses the expertise to assist artists in refining their songwriting and elevating their productions. If you're seeking a dedicated collaborator to help you realize your musical vision, we encourage you to explore the exceptional services Brandon has to offer. Get ready to take your music to new heights with Brandon by your side!

Brandon is a dynamic and versatile music producer known for his exceptional talent and boundless creativity in the music world. Born and raised in a musically-inclined family, Brandon's early exposure to various genres and instruments ignited his passion for music production.

He honed his skills and expanded his musical knowledge through years of dedication and exploration. Drawing inspiration from various influences ranging from classical composers to contemporary chart-toppers, he developed a unique style that seamlessly blends diverse elements into his signature sound. Brandon's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence is evident in every project he undertakes.

His ability to understand and interpret the vision of artists he collaborates with allows him to bring their musical aspirations to life, transcending boundaries and elevating their artistry to new heights.

Brandon's versatility knows no bounds, whether it's shaping the sonic landscape of a pop anthem, crafting infectious hooks for a hip-hop track, or adding lush textures to an electronic masterpiece.

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